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Photo of blind veteran Simon wearing his service medals

How we help veterans

Blind Veterans UK can help you to live a fulfilling, independent life after sight loss. We believe that no one should battle blindness alone. 

We offer a bespoke service to every one of our beneficiaries, providing rehabilitation, training, practical advice and emotional support for life. 

Whether you need help with day-to-day living, getting out and about or staying in touch with loved ones, our expert staff are here to help you adjust to life with a visual impairment and relearn vital life skills.

Infographic showing how we can support in different ways such as phone and video calls, at home, in your local community and in our centres.

We can support you remotely, via phone and video calls, at home, in your local community and in our two centres of wellbeing.

Helping you to live independently 

Many people who lose their sight do not realise that there are simple skills and strategies that can help them to live more independently. We are here to teach you these skills, and allow you to live a fulfilling life again. Whether it’s relearning how to do activities that you enjoyed before you lost your sight, or taking on a new task, we will help you set and reach your goals. With our help, our veterans have tackled challenges they previously never thought possible.   

But perhaps your goals are smaller, for now. Maybe you just need help getting dressed in the morning, making a cup of tea, brushing your teeth, or cooking a hot meal. Whatever you need, we will give you and your family the support you need to get back to living life to the fullest.

Meet Chris

Chris was a young man with a new baby when he was blinded while serving in Afghanistan.

He says he went from being a “confident solider to not being able to make my own cup of tea”, until he joined Blind Veterans UK. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make all the difference. Here, Chris explains how a small gadget helped to turn his life around.

Photo of blind veterans Michael, left, and Ken, centre, with a member of our staff enjoying an activity
Blind veterans Michael, left, and Ken, centre, with a member of our staff enjoying an activity

Meet the team

Get to know the Blind Veterans UK staff who will help you to regain your independence when you become a beneficiary.

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What we can do for you


Our rehabilitation officers are specially trained to help veterans like you adjust to living with sight loss. Our care is tailored to your individual needs, so your rehabilitation programme is just that – yours.

Our team assess how you cope with carrying out day-to-day tasks. They will work with you to identify what you need help with and what your goals are. Your rehab programme will be based around what you need, and continually assessed during your time with us.

We will help you with things like: 

  • making the most of your remaining vision
  • mobility training to get you out and about again
  • learning independent living skills 
  • staying connected with loved ones 

"I could get back on social media and start being part of society and what it is to be a normal young man. Because, at 23, I'd thought, that’s it."

Blind veteran, on being trained to use a smartphone

Health and wellbeing

We take a holistic approach to caring for our blind veterans. As well as helping you overcome the physical challenges you may face while living with a visual impairment, we also offer advice on how to improve your general health and emotional wellbeing.

We will help you to access useful services from other organisations to ensure you can live well and enjoy fulfilling and rewarding hobbies and activities. 

We also offer a range of support and services internally where needed.

Our expert staff will discuss your needs and offer you advice, tips and programmes on areas including: 

  • general physical and mental health
  • mindfullness
  • sleep hygiene
  • healthy eating
  • therapeutic arts and crafts

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