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How to use this site

Our website has been designed and built to be as accessible as possible to people with a vision impairment.

We have used features like larger fonts, clear designs and high contrast colours to make it easier to navigate.

But we know that some of you may still need extra help to use the internet and may not have specialist accessibility software or equipment to do this.

Using your device's in-built accessibility tools

Whether you’re accessing our website on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, your device will have in-built accessibility tools that can help you.

You can use these tools to do things like:

  • change the font size
  • change the display size
  • use a magnifier to zoom in on content
  • use a screen reader to have content read aloud to you
  • use voice commands to move through web pages
  • change the size and colour of your cursor
  • use colour correction to adjust how colours are displayed on your device
  • invert the colours to change light screens to dark, or dark screens to light
  • adjust the screen brightness

You can usually find these accessibility tools in the settings area on your computer or mobile device, but how you use them will depend on the specific model, operating system and internet browser you are using.

Find out more about how we built an accessible website

Call us if you’re struggling

If you need more help to use our site, please contact our support team on 0800 389 7979.

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