Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Action photo of blind veteran Lloyd Hanslow snowboarding with a go pro

Snow much fun: our annual ski trip

Among them was 41-year-old Lloyd Hanslow from Crawley. Lloyd says: “I used to teach skiing and snowboarding so it was great to get back into it. But being with other veterans took me right back to my time in the Army. Lloyd joined the Army just aft…

12 February 2018 10:00
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Photo around a tea table of blind veteran Eric Waters and Margaret neale widown of a former blind veteran enjoying cake with London Community Teal Leader Matthew Athey

Bake Off star gives our blind veterans a reason to be cheerful on ‘Blue Monday’

We organised the tea party at our London office to give our beneficiaries a smile on a day hailed as ‘the most depressing of the year’. Sophie, a former Officer in the Royal Artillery and now a Reservist, baked a fondant cake for the event and recor…

17 January 2018 13:00
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Our Amateur Radio Society

Our Amateur Radio Society meet regularly at our Brighton and Llandudno centres.  They learn how to operate the systems and create networks with support from long standing members of the Society. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and learn…

22 December 2017 10:00
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