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Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

Approximately 80 Australian soldiers blinded in the First World War were, at various times, to stay at our hostel in The Regent’s Park. The term ‘mateship’ is defined as and is often associated with the ‘diggers’ in WWI. It is a term that conjures i…

26 January 2018 10:00
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Dyke Philip in his gassed uniform during WWI

The Battle of Cambrai

Initially, it was very successful, with large gains of ground being made, but German reserves brought the advance to a halt and ten days later a German counter-attack regained much of the ground. Ultimately it had a disappointing and costly outcome,…

23 November 2017 15:00
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Battle of Passchendaele Nov 1917, men carry wounded soldiers through boggy land

On the centenary of Passchendaele, we remember them.

Constant shelling churned the clay soil and smashed drainage systems. Within a few days, the heaviest rain for 30 years had turned the soil into a bog, producing mud that clogged up rifles and immobilised tanks. It eventually became so deep that men …

31 July 2017 07:00
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