Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Blind veteran Billy Baxter with Union Flag

Blind veteran Billy Baxter wins prestigious honour at Founder's Day Awards

The prize, considered to be the charity’s highest honour was given to Blind Veterans UK in memory of the late Ted Higgs, a blind veteran who lost all of his sight in 1944, whilst serving with the Royal Artillery in the Second World War. It was kindly…

6 April 2017 16:00
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Private Frederick Aubrey and other prisoner of war soldiers standing around a bus following exchange of prisoners in 1918

The story of prisoner of war veteran Private Frederick Aubrey

As the war progressed, the Germans found it increasingly difficult to accommodate and feed the over 2.4 million men housed in numerous camps across Germany and occupied territories and as the war drew to its conclusion in 1918 an agreement was reach…

29 March 2017 17:00
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Photo of volunteer Paul Breen training on an indoor bicycle wearing a Blind Veteran UK t-shirt

Veteran from Dursley to take on mammoth 100k London – Brighton challenge

Paul Breen, 33, is himself a veteran, having served in the King’s Royal Hussars for ten years. During his Service, he completed tours of Iraq, Northern Ireland and Kuwait, and it is largely due to his Service, as well as those he served alongside, th…

22 March 2017 12:00
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