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If you know, or care for someone who you think will be eligible for our support please get in touch

Blind veterans in the lounge at Brighton

Many of the beneficiaries we support are the carers of veterans. We can provide vital support and advice to make supporting a vision impaired veteran easier.

"Our whole family is so thankful that my dad is supported by Blind Veterans UK. He always comes back from the charity’s centre happier and with stories to tell. The charity really helps all of us"

Jeni Morgan

Blind veteran Cedric Hollands

If you are a vision-impaired ex-Service man or woman, or care for someone who is, you can find out more by phoning 0800 389 7979 or emailing

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Veterans stories

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A nurse helping a blind veteran Care

If you’d like more information on the care we provide then please visit our care page and we’ll let you know more

Ken smiling and laughing with his volunteer supporter Liam as they walk down the street About us

Feel like you want to know more about Blind Veterans UK? Then visit our about us page for up to date information