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Do you work with people affected by sight loss?

If you do then Blind Veterans UK needs your help to find the tens of thousands of veterans who could be eligible for support. Please help more blind veterans get the support they need by asking your patients if they have a service history. Recent research we’ve done shows that there are around 59,000 veterans eligible for our support and we’d like to reach out to and help more of them.

A nurse helping a blind veteran

For over 100 years, Blind Veterans UK has provided vital services and support to Armed Forces and national Service veterans to discover life beyond sight loss. We have a UK-wide network of welfare officers, as well as community services and centres in Brighton and Llandudno offering personalised support, which provides:

  • Independent living support such as equipment to make life easier at home
  • Emotional support and confidence building
  • Training and rehabilitation to relearn skills and learn new ones, such as IT
  • Opportunities to try new hobbies, including archery and arts and crafts
  • Social opportunities to meet others in a similar situation
  • Holidays and respite care at our centres

Who is eligible for our support?

We support anyone who has served in the Armed Forces or did National Services and now has a visual acuity of 6/60 or worse affecting both eyes. Visual field loss is taken into consideration.

Veterans may have lost their sight for any reason including accident, illness or ageing. Many of our veterans have lost their sight later in life due to age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma.

"At Hampshire County Council, we are proud to be upholding our commitment to the Armed Forces Community Covenant. We are keen to ensure all vision impaired veterans have access to appropriate support"

Billy Baxter and his wife at the Llandudno centre
Blind veteran Billy Baxter


Signpost veterans battling severe sight loss to vital support by calling 0800 389 7979.

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