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Blind veterans reconnect with passion for photography

Blind veterans took the opportunity to rediscover their passion for photography and explore their creativity during a dedicated activity week at the Llandudno Centre of Wellbeing.
Published on 1 Dec 2023

Veterans taking part in the themed week had requested specifically to focus (no pun intended!) their photography on animals and landscapes and the programme provided ample opportunity for both.

They travelled the North Wales Coast taking landscape shots and enjoyed a sunset shoot at the top of the Orme in Llandudno. If anyone wasn’t aware, the Centre is visible from the Orme summit, and is especially easy to spot with the Christmas lights. 

Back in the Centre we had visits from scaly, furry and feathered guests for the group to photograph. Our veterans loved meeting the animals and have taken beautiful pictures of them. The centre’s groundkeeper Johnny brought in a tortoise, gecko and two snakes, whilst Wellbeing Specialist Karl brought his dog Axel for a photoshoot and local charities visited with owls and parrots.

The week also included talks on photography equipment and using photography for social media with hints and tips for creating content. This has inspired one of the members to re-engage with Instagram to share his photography and connect with others online.

At the end of the week, our photographers selected their favourite images to print and frame for an exhibition at the Centre. It was a great opportunity showcase their skills and share their photography other veterans and staff at the centre.

Winning Photographs from the Exhibition

Black and white photograph of a large industrial wheel in front of Conwy Castle
Vintage Crane Wheel at Conwy Castle by Terry
Bronze statue of men in uniform wearing bandages over eyes
The Lads statue by Gordon
Close up photograph of an owl with eyes wide open
Close up owl by Chris
A large black dog with it's mouth open
Axel the Cane Corso Dog
A man standing in front of television screen showing a picture of him
Tom Tom by Bob
Wet sand at low tide
Llandonna beach by Chris

Head of Centre, Kathy Boardman had the unenviable task of judging the photography in four categories:


Best Mood: The Lads

Runner Up: Tom Tom

Best Landscape: Llandona Beach

Best Animal: Wide Eyed Owl

Runner Up: Axel

Best in Show: Industrial Wheel at Conwy Castle


Photography week is part of a larger programme of activity breaks which encourages blind veterans supported by the charity to reconnect with hobbies or try out new activities whilst overcoming the challenges of a vision impairment.

Our Health & Wellbeing specialists show veterans that with a few adaptions, a hobby like photography is still very much possible.

“Until this week, I hadn’t picked up a camera for two years as I felt there was a stigma to me walking around with a camera and a white cane and people not understanding sight loss. Thanks to the support of all the staff and group on photography week who have encouraged me to take photographs again”
Blind veteran Chris
Photography week participant

More photographs from the exhibition

Black and white image of a tree trunk covered in trailing ivy branches
Tree trunk with ivy by Terry
Menai Bridge with field and trees in the foreground
Menai Bridge by Chris
Menai Straits river estuary and shoreline
Menai Straits by Chris
A red and green macaw
Red and Green Macaw by Gordon
A tortoise photographed on a light wooden tabletop
Tortoise photographed by Bob
A white snake coiled on a bed of wood chippings
White snake on chippings by Chris
A sunset scene over the sea
Sunset over the sea by Chris L
Llandudno Centre from the Great Orme
Llandudno Centre from the Great Orme by Chris
Black and white image of beach landscape
Anglesey beach landscape by Terry
A black and white photograph of the Menai Bridge across the water
Menai Bridge by Terry