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GP jumps from plane at 10,000 feet to fundraise for us

Published on 17 Jun 2022

A GP from Stoke-on-Trent has completed a tandem skydive to raise funds for our charity.

Claire, who is 51 and from Mow Cap, travelled to Tilstock in Whitchurch to complete the jump on 1 June.

She was strapped to an experienced skydiver and taken in a small aircraft to 10,000 feet before taking a courageous leap of faith from the plane to enjoy the descent back to Earth. Claire said:

“A skydive is something I have always wanted to do. I found the idea quite liberating and wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone.
“When I turned 50, I thought yes, I’m going to do that skydive now. So last Christmas my husband bought the skydive for me as a special gift as he knew it was something I’d always dreamed of doing. You only live once, and I don’t want to have any regrets.”
Claire just before her skydive, wearing her harness
Claire preparing for the jump
Claire pictured midway through her skydive
Claire during her skydive
A recreation of our Victory over Blindness statue, showing blind veterans dressed in old military uniforms at Manchester Piccadilly station
The recreation of 'Victory over Blindness' that inspired Claire

Our ‘Victory over Blindness’ statue at Manchester Piccadilly Station had a lasting impact on Claire and led her to want to fundraise us. She said:

“I was in Manchester and saw the statue outside the station and then when I went inside there was a group of blind veterans recreating the statue wearing old military uniforms. They had been stood completely still for hours.
“It was hugely moving and I felt so humbled. It made me realise that I take my sight for granted doing simple everyday things. I went home and I looked up the charity’s website to find out more. It really was a personal thing that just moved me.
“These men and women have done so much for our country and I wanted to give something back.”
“This has been a massive personal achievement for me but it also feels amazing to have given something back, even if my fundraising is only a small drop in the ocean of what is needed.”

Claire was joined by her three children, husband, and her mum to support her on the day of the skydive. She said:

“I was feeling really excited and had no nerves at all. I think my family were far more nervous than me.”
“Before the jump I felt very calm, I felt safe at all times and couldn’t wait to experience the buzz of freefall and the feeling of gracefully parachuting down to Earth.
“The experience was all I had hoped for and more thanks to the team at Skydive Tilstock. After the jump I felt exhilarated and wanted to do it all again! Such a great experience which I would recommend to anyone – if you’re considering it, go for it! You won’t regret it."

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