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MBDA UK graduates raise money to fund life-changing equipment

Published on 27 Oct 2021

MBDA UK graduates fundraising for Blind Veterans UK on Thursday 11 November.

Through their development programme, these graduates have heard first-hand how Blind Veterans UK supports ex-Service men and women. Inspired by this vital work, all of the money raised from this event will be donated to our charity to help us continue rebuilding lives after sight loss.

On Thursday 11 November, Cohort 6 will set up a stand at The Quadrangle, Stevenage from 12 to 2pm where they will demonstrate some of the equipment that we provide blind veterans to assist with day-to-day living. Participants will experience the struggles that those who are vision impaired face first-hand, when trying to do things as simple as making a cup of tea.

A blind veteran pouring a cup of tea, using a liquid level indicator, and a support worker leaning over her shoulder to help.
Liquid-level indicators help blind veterans make hot drinks safely
Given that this event falls on 11 November, we hope that this will highlight the immense sacrifices that veterans have made for the UK. We are proud to support the charity on behalf of MBDA UK and we encourage you to visit our fundraising stand to learn more about the charity and how we can help.
Cohort 6
Graduate Fundraising Team

Here are some of the items the graduates will be talking about

Blind veteran Eddie using an oven marked with bumpons

£5 could buy a set of bumpons to mark items like keyboards and machines

Blind veteran Mark using a guide cane to walk down a path in front of Blind Veterans UK centre of wellbeing
£25 could buy a guide cane for helping to navigate surroundings
A close up of a blind veteran's wrist wearing a blue talking timer watch.
£40 could buy a talking watch to keep track of the time and live more independently
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