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Simon reflects 20 years after the invasion of Iraq

Published on 20 Mar 2023

This is a special insight into the experience and sacrifice of one British soldier who served in Iraq.

On his second tour of Iraq in 2006, Simon was shot in the face, leaving him blinded and with severe facial injuries. Nothing would ever be the same for him again.

We sat down with Simon, 20 years after he crossed the border, to hear about his experiences during his tours of Iraq and his life following the conflict.

Blind veteran Simon is wearing a blazer, tie, and medals. He looks into camera and holds a photo of himself with both hands.
Blind veteran Simon with a photo of himself in Service

Hear Simon's story in his own words

Crossing the border into Iraq in March 2003

Starting in North Germany before moving into Kuwait and crossing the border into Iraq, Simon recalls the journey and the people he encountered on the way.

The incident in which Simon lost his sight

Simon recalls the successful mission he led to recover six stranded colleagues in Iraq which led to him being shot in the face and losing his sight.

Support from Blind Veterans UK

Simon talks about how he felt when he lost his sight, the challenges he faced and how our charity supported him during that time.

Simon reflecting on his achievements

From getting back to living independently and travelling the World, to returning to competitive sport with the Leeds Rhinos physical disability team, Simon reflects on his accomplishments since the incident that took his sight. 

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