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Disability sector unites for change

Published on 19 Jan 2023

Today we’re joining together with more than a 25 other charities to urge the Government to put disabled people and those with sight loss at the heart of its response to the cost of living.

Imagine having to choose between staying warm, feeding your family, or powering essential equipment. This is the reality for many people with sight loss.

One of our blind veterans in Devon has seen her electric bills sky rocket by nearly 300%.

With no savings, and debts spiralling, she’s struggling to put food on the table and pay for the carers that look after her on a daily basis.

We're supporting her through this, working with her local food bank to ensure a supply of nutritious food and providing a driver volunteer to help her get to essential appointments.

But in the long term this won’t be enough. We need the government to step in and recognise the higher costs that vision-impaired people face during this cost of living crisis.

More targeted support for the millions of disabled and carer households is needed now.

Show your support by sharing our posts on Twitter and using the hashtag #SupportCantWait

"The blind community, including veterans we support, need action with the cost of living crisis. They require deliberate intervention to avoid unfair hardship as a result of living with sight loss.”
Photo of Nicky
Nicky Shaw
Blind Veterans UK Director of Operations

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