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Your local Easter eggs, reviewed by our veterans

Published on 7 Apr 2023

Our blind veterans took part in the ultimate egg tasting experience this Good Friday.

We asked four of our Brighton centre residents to help us choose this year's best Easter egg. Our blind veterans got together and judged a series of Easter eggs from local supermarkets. They rated each treat out of 5 on the following:

  • Packaging
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Extras e.g. an additional chocolate bar

The results

Now, the moment you have been waiting for. Let's find out how the top suppliers fare.

1st place and our winner

Kinder Surprise Maxi Easter Egg

This chocolate egg was excellent, it ticked all of our judges' boxes. With a white chocolate centre and a milk chocolate outing this egg really isn’t yoking when it comes to taste. However, this egg didn’t win on taste alone. Our veterans thought that the toy inside made this egg stand out from the rest.

"In all my 100 years I have never come across an Easter egg that’s so fun!"

This quote alone demonstrates that its popularity isn't a surprise, but clearly well deserved. The best Easter egg of 2023.

66.5 out of 80

Blind veteran Ken holding a Kinder Surprise Maxi Easter Egg
Ken and his fellow veterans liked the Kinder Surprise Maxi Easter Egg above all

2nd place

Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate

This golden milk chocolate masterpiece pleased our judges with its packaging, which featured a ribbon and bell. The bell resonated with our blind veterans as it added an audible dimension. They said that "the fun bell element was a good shape and sound for the vision-impaired".

61 out of 80

Runners up

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Model

This chocolate hopper received a mixture of comments including "love it" and "didn’t like that there are no additional treats" which made this Easter icon controversial and finish middle of the scoreboard.

56.5 out of 80

Nestlé Rolo Easter Egg

Our judges thought that while this smooth staple included good extras (two Rolo bars), the packaging was cheap and there was simply not enough taste.

49.5 out of 80

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg

Described as "rubbish", the additional pack of Buttons just wasn't enough to save this egg. This chocolatey classic didn't appeal to our judges.

47 out of 80

Thank you to our judges!

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