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Our blind veterans review hot cross buns

Published on 23 Mar 2021

Bready or not, here they come!

From chocolate eggs to a legendary bunny (who didn't lay the eggs), Easter is associated with an abundance of traditions.

One theory suggests that the first hot cross bun recipe was developed in the 14th century. While there are inventive takes on the classic bun available, the original recipe made with currants is what's keeping the tradition alive.

Where are you going to get your hot cross bun?

Our blind veterans are here to help...

We asked eight of our Brighton centre residents to help us choose this year's best hot cross bun. Our blind veterans got together and judged a series of hot cross buns from local supermarkets. They rated them out of 5 buns and our centre staff collated the results.

Meet our judges

Blind veteran Betty holding a hot cross bun, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Betty, blind veteran
Blind veteran Bill smiling, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Bill, blind veteran
Blind veteran Rosalie with a cup of tea, and an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Rosalie, blind veteran
Blind veteran Eric smiling, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Eric, blind veteran
Blind veteran Jean smiling, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Jean, blind veteran
Blind veteran George smiling, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
George, blind veteran
Blind veteran Maureen, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Maureen, blind veteran
Blind veteran Win smiling, with an added illustration of a hot cross bun
Win, blind veteran

Now, the moment you have been waiting for. Let's find out how the top suppliers fare..

1st place and our winner

Tesco, Finest Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, £1.50)

Tesco did very well with this offering! Nice and moist said Bill, with Jean in full agreement and Betty saying they were the best so far. Eric wasn’t too sure but eventually agreed, saying he thought there was plenty of fruit.

5 buns out of 5

An illustration of a first place trophy and five hot cross buns to show that Tesco won first place in the Hot Cross Buns review
First place winner: Tesco with five buns out of five

2nd place

Asda, Extra Special Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, £1)

The gang weren’t too sure that these buns were ‘Extra’ special. It was agreed that bigger pieces of fruit would have been more of a game-changer and could have led to a win. Rosalie was happy with her piece, and Maureen preferred this bun over the rest.

4.5 buns out of 5

Illustration of a second place trophy and 4.5 hot cross buns which shows Asda won second place in Hot Cross Buns review
Second place winner: Asda with 4.5 buns out of 5

Runners up

Lidl, Luxury Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, 99p)

The joint best value buns so far, Lidl excelled with their fruit content and flavour. George was very enthusiastic for these, with Bill in agreement. Sadly, some of the ladies were not so happy with these, meaning they scored a Lidl bit lower… These and the Aldi buns certainly looked the business though! One for the fruit lovers.

4 buns out of 5

Morrisons, Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, £1)

These smelt delicious, and Jean was happy with them. Rosalie was also happy with the moistness and texture. Win wasn’t too impressed, with comments about them being too heavy. Maureen agreed with Win, saying that she 'didn’t think much' of this one!

3.5 buns out of 5

Aldi, Luxury Fruited Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, 99p)

'Not a hot cross bun' was the remark from Maureen here, but others were happier. Rosalie enjoyed the Aldi taste and consistency, with Eric generally approving of taste and fruit content. George was after more!

3.5 buns out of 5

M&S, Luxury Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, £1.65)

A disappointing result from M&S this year, with Eric saying he couldn’t taste much in the way of spices. Maureen said it was okay, but not as good as the Asda offering.

2.5 buns out of 5

Sainsbury’s, Taste the Difference Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, £1.25)

Chewy! According to our veterans, chewy was the best way to describe these from Sainsbury’s. Win said there wasn’t enough fruit either, and even George wasn’t that impressed.

2.5 buns out of 5

Waitrose, Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns (4 pack, £1.50)

'Spicy and plump' is how the marketing team at Waitrose described these buns, but our veterans disagreed, with Betty declaring she wouldn’t buy them and Maureen saying 'not for me'. A touch on the dry side, these weren’t particularly tasty either, although Jean said they smelled lovely.

1 bun out of 5

Our veterans were unanimous in deciding that a cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to your hot cross buns (although Eric was also in favour of a whisky) with butter being the preferred topping, and an even split when it came to toasted versus untoasted.

Thank you to our judges!

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