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What to do if you notice a change in your sight

Published on 1 Oct 2023

It can be all too easy to ignore a change in your sight, but it’s imperative that you deal with it as quickly as possible.

Following these simple steps will make sure you get the help you need:

Seek medical advice

If you notice a change in your sight, the first thing to do is seek medical advice from an optician, your GP or your ophthalmologist if you have one. You could also call 111 for advice on the best way to proceed in your area.

Act quickly

In some cases, vision loss can be reversed with early diagnosis so the sooner you seek medical advice, the better.

Of course, it’s much easier to identify sight loss when you experience a sudden change. A reduction in vision that happens slowly over time can be harder to recognise. It could even be that the smallest perceived change turns out to be the first identifiable sign of something more substantial that you’ve adapted to without realising.

The key thing to remember is that several chronic eye conditions can be controlled or slowed down if caught early enough. 

Look after the sight you have

If you already have a sight loss then it’s even more important to look after and make the most of your remaining vision. 

Don’t think that just because you’ve been registered with a sight loss, glasses won’t make much difference. They may not make your vision perfect, but they could help you to see a little more than you can without them. Every bit helps with our sight.

Go for regular check-ups

Your vision is precious. Having regular check-ups is the best way to look after it as this will make sure any small changes are picked up early.

And never be afraid to contact medical professionals to ask about changes to your eyes and your sight. It’s their job to help you and give you as much information as possible so you can make the best, most informed choices.


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