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Remember a loved one and celebrate their life with a Blind Veterans UK tribute page.

Set up a dedicated online page where you, your family and friends can post messages, share photos and remember your loved ones. Enabling fundraising through your tribute is also an option and a lovely way to remember a loved one whilst also supporting blind veterans today.

How to set up a tribute

It is quick and easy to set up a tribute:

Step 1

Provide a few basic details about you and your loved one

Step 2

Add photos and video of your loved one 

Step 3

Choose who can see your page – you can make it public or private

Step 4

Share your page so others can view, post messages or donate to your tribute

Create or search for a tribute

We work with our trusted partner MuchLoved to provide our tribute pages, and we ask you to agree to MuchLoved’s terms and conditions of use. We will share your email address with MuchLoved to set up your tribute. You will receive an email from MuchLoved to activate your tribute fund.

Other ways to remember a loved one