Llandudno is our training and rehabilitation centre situated in North Wales. 

Blind veterans can come to Llandudno for their first visit and assessment.

During their introductory week we carefully assess each person's vision impairment, and speak to them and their families about how we can help through training and rehabilitation.

After this visit, veterans can come back to Llandudno for holidays, respite, and nursing care. As well as helping with fitness and mobility, we give veterans with sight loss the skills they need to live an independent life.

Centre facilities

This centre has a variety of lounges, a bar, outdoor terrace, a fully equipped gym, a sports and activity hall, and an art and craft workshop.

There are 40 en-suite bedrooms, both single and double, for short-term visitors and 14 care rooms. There are a further 25 en suite rooms for blind veterans staying for either a holiday or for rehabilitation and training.

Why Llandudno?

We spent several years looking for the right building for our third centre; somewhere that was easily reachable for people in the west of the UK and which we could adapt properly for our veterans. We needed a large building with enough space for residential rooms and facilities, and extensive grounds where we could build safe pathways for blind and vision impaired ex-Service men and women.

Built in 1902 by the Forrester family as a convalescence home for shale miners, this magnificent building fitted the bill perfectly. It is our newest centre: a fantastic addition that we've renovated and meticulously refurbished to best meet our blind veteran's needs.

Contact us

For more information, call us on 01492 868700 or write to us at Blind Veterans UK, Queens Road, Llandudno, LL30 1UT

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