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Working together to support blind veterans

If you know a patient who served our country and is now battling blindness, refer them to Blind Veterans UK for free, lifelong help and support.

We support anyone who has served in the Armed Forces or did National Service. We need your help to support more of the tens of thousands who are eligible for our support but not currently receiving it. Recent research we’ve done shows that there are around 50,000 veterans eligible for our support and we’d like to reach out to and help more of them.

Robbie Roberts

Blind Veterans UK offers free person-centred services, with tailored practical and emotional support provided by qualified welfare and nursing staff.

We know that many veterans suffer with sight loss for a long time before accessing our vital services – almost a quarter of the men and women we support have needlessly missed out for six years or more; so we need your help to change this.


"After a patient has been diagnosed with sight loss, our goal is for their world to stay the same, or expand. We never want their world to get smaller. We receive wonderful feedback from the patients we refer to Blind Veterans UK about the services, training and support they have received."

Hilary Butter, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer, Bradbury Fields

It doesn’t matter when the blind veteran served, or for how long. Nor does it matter how they lost their sight. If they served our country then they do not have to battle blindness alone. Blind Veterans UK is here for them.

Referring people to us is easy. Call 0800 389 7979 and speak to our friendly team.

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If you email we will be able to send information packs or promotional materials to you.

George Connelly at our Llandudno centre

Download our report offering guidance to local authorities on how we can help them meet their obligations under the Care Act.

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