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Health and safety policy

This policy was last updated 3 February 2023.

Part 1 - policy statement

Blind Veterans UK strives to help and support its Members rebuild their lives after sight loss and in carrying out this work recognises that its employees and volunteers are its greatest asset and resource. Blind Veterans UK is therefore committed to:

  • Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of all employees and volunteers
  • Protecting all its Members and members of the public who might visit one of its premises or be affected by its work
  • Ensuring that any work that has the potential to expose staff, volunteers, Members or members of the public to any kind of hazard, is suitably risk assessed and the necessary control measures put in place.

Blind Veterans UK is committed to continual improvement in all areas of health and safety management and recognises its duties and responsibility under health and safety legislation. To achieve this aim, Blind Veterans UK has the following objectives:

  • to minimise risk to health through the provision and maintenance of suitable plant, buildings, facilities, equipment and the provision of safe systems of work including fire systems
  • to provide safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances
  • to provide necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of staff and others
  • to provide a comprehensive and effective Occupational Health Service, including health surveillance where appropriate
  • to implement a monitoring, inspection and audit process to ensure effective management of health and safety throughout Blind Veterans UK
  • to co-ordinate, co-operate and exchange relevant information with contractors and visitors
  • to integrate health and safety responsibilities into everyday working practices and managerial responsibilities.

Blind Veterans UK will also consult with employees and stakeholders, in order to achieve a cooperative effort at all levels and to secure effective control over health and safety risks. This is in line with our values based commitment to “work together as One Team”.

As Trustees we will ensure that adequate resources, whether financial, procedural or physical, are available so that the policy and its requirements can be implemented and maintained effectively by the Chief Executive. Together, we recognise the business benefits of complying with legislative requirements and that this will enable us to achieve our mission of providing high quality national support to blind veterans, as and where they need it, in order to help them achieve independence and fulfilment and to transform their lives.

For transparency and accountability, the Health and Safety Policy statement will be published on our website and displayed in all our buildings with Health and Safety performance reported in the Charity's Annual Report.

This Policy and Statement will be subject to review on an annual basis, or when there are any significant changes in the organisation.

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