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Charity of the Year

Choose us as your Charity of the Year and we'll work with you on a range of exciting fundraising, volunteering and awareness-raising activities. Get in touch if you’d like to nominate us.

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Brand partnerships

By partnering with a well-respected British brand like ours, you can engage your customers and inspire them to give back to the veterans who gave so much to their country. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, launch a new product or gain positive PR, we can work with you to create a cause-related marketing campaign to achieve your objectives.

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Strategic partnerships

We love to create partnerships with a real purpose where we align our strategic objectives. These partnerships go beyond funding and offer an exciting opportunity for pro bono working, skill sharing and collaboration to achieve a shared vision.

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Volunteering and skill sharing

We believe in creating volunteering opportunities that provide real value to our charity and to the employees who donate their time. We provide opportunities that allow employees to directly support our veterans. Skill sharing is also a great way for your employees to use their knowledge and expertise in a new way to support a charity, while also developing new skills to take back to your company.

In 2020

51,342 hours were spent by our volunteers supporting our veterans
763 veterans were supported by our volunteers both at home and in their communities
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Raising awareness and campaigning

We estimate that there are around 50,000 veterans in the UK who still need our support. Many of those who we don’t reach don’t know who we are or how we can help them. They need to hear about the work we do to rebuild veterans’ lives after sight loss and your support can help make this happen.

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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving, also known as Give As You Earn, is a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. Your donation is taken straight from your wages or pension each month before tax, which means that more money goes to charity. 

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