We continue to help blind veterans during COVID-19.

Over 90% of the blind veterans we support are over 70 and most at risk during this unprecedented time. Our immediate priorities have changed to ensure that the most vulnerable veterans we support have everything they need. Discover how our service has changed and what we are doing now.

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Together we can rebuild blind veterans' lives after sight loss

Blind Veterans UK helps ex-Service men and women of every generation rebuild their lives after sight loss. Since 1915 we’ve provided rehabilitation, training, practical advice and emotional support to tens of thousands of blind veterans.

It’s a sad fact that many of the blind veterans we support suffer from social isolation.

It happens as we get older and our families leave us, and partners pass away. For people with sight loss, that isolation is all the more painful to bear.

It’s not just about losing other people though, it’s also about being isolated inside yourself when you are unable to carry out tasks such as going to the shops or even pick up a phone to speak to a friendly voice. For those who can’t see, it often leads to losing your self-belief, and – even worse – your sense of belonging.

That’s why we need your support now.


Ken's story


Blind Veterans UK are specialists in helping our isolated veterans but most importantly, we’re also people like you who understand and care. We give those who have served our country support that ranges from rehabilitation and training to practical advice, and vital emotional support.

We’re here for them, and now we need you to be here for us. We’re supporting more veterans than we ever have before in our long history, but there are tens of thousands out there who are alone and don’t know we exist for them.

You can help us by being part of a team that works together to transform blind veterans’ lives, whether it’s through fundraising, giving some of your spare time as one of our community volunteers, or simply by giving us a small donation.

Together we can help rebuild blind veterans’ lives after sight loss. Away from isolation. Towards a life of fulfillment.