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About Billy

Billy served as a staff sergeant in the Royal Artillery. He lost his sight in 1997 as a result of contracting a virus whilst on service in Bosnia. He joined us in 2000 and has subsequently gone on to numerous achievements including breaking the world record for fastest blind motorcyclist and becoming town crier of Llandudno.

Billy currently works as a Rehabilitation and Training Officer at our centre in Llandudno and in this interview he talks about this role as well as the history of the charity, his experiences joining us and also our Victory Over Blindness sculpture, a version of which is based at the centre.

Blind veteran Billy wearing dark sunglasses and using a long white cane as he walks along a path
Blind veteran Billy
Blind veteran Billy wearing motorbike gear and riding his motorbike along a road
Blind veteran Billy riding his motorbike
Blind veteran Billy, cheering in celebration while wearing motorcycle gear and holding a bottle of champagne as he leans in to kiss his wife
Blind veteran Billy and his wife