Gifts in Wills are especially important at Blind Veterans UK and provide over 60% of our fundraised income. That’s why we offer free Wills to our staff, supporters and blind veterans all year round.

Get your free Will writing support

You can choose from the two providers that we work with: Bequeathed or the Free Wills Network. When you use this free Will service, there is no requirement to leave a gift to Blind Veterans UK and we know your family comes first. We wouldn’t want it any other way. But we would be extremely grateful if you would consider leaving a remainder of whatever is left to help enable blind veterans life independent and fulfilling lives.


Bequeathed is an online service that enables you to complete your Will for free entirely online. There is step-by-step guidance and support offered throughout the process and the option to request legal advice at a fee. Learn more about this service or register with Bequeathed.

Free Wills Network

This service offers an in-person meeting or phone-call meeting with a solicitor. The solicitor will write or amend your free Will. Once you have sent your name and address details to us, we will refer you to the Network who will then send you a list of qualified solicitors in your area who are part of the Network. You will then simply need to book an appointment with one of them directly. For information or a referral please contact the Gifts in Wills team on 07810 504632 or email us.

Your gift transforms the lives of veterans like Simon and Alan

Meet Simon

Simon used our free Wills service and says "The process was painless. The solicitor talked me through it and I felt at ease. I wasn’t forced into making any decisions.”

Since being almost totally blinded by a sniper's bullet in Basra, Blind Veterans UK has helped Simon regain his independence and confidence. He now helps us reach other blind veterans.

"If you’re even contemplating making a Will, then it’s time to make one. It just means you’ve got important people in your life that you want to take care of."

Meet Alan

“Much of the care and support I have received has been down to the generosity of gifts in Wills. That’s why I am leaving a gift to Blind Veterans UK in my own Will. Knowing first-hand how much this support has transformed my life makes it important that I can do the same for those blind veterans and their families that come after me.”

“When I lost my eyesight during my service in the Royal Navy, the future looked very bleak. With the help of Blind Veterans UK I have been able to rebuild my confidence, secure a new career and have even learned to hit the slopes again as a blind skier.

This support also means that I can be the best possible dad to my five-year-old daughter, Penelope. I can read her bedtime stories with the help of assistive technology and large-print books. This is all made possible by gifts in Wills.”

“Please consider leaving a life-changing gift in your Will to Blind Veterans UK”.

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