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A photo of a blind veteran at remembrance 2017 in a wheelchair wearing beret medals & branded rug & smiling

Writing your Will and leaving a gift

After you’ve provided for your loved ones in your Will, we would be enormously grateful if you would consider leaving a percentage of whatever is left to Blind Veterans UK.

We have lots of guidance and tips below on how to write and amend your Will. We also explain how you can access free Will-writing services, and we have a handy checklist to make sure you cover all the basics. 

Plus, you can find out how to leave a gift to Blind Veterans UK to help ex-Service personnel of all generations overcome sight loss. 


Photo of blind veteran Fred sitting with a staff member using a tablet
Blind veteran Fred sitting with a staff member using a tablet

How to leave a gift to Blind Veterans UK

To add Blind Veterans UK to your Will, you just need our name, address and registered charity number:

Blind Veterans UK
3 Queen Square

Registered charity number: 216227

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Request your gift in Wills guide

Find out more about how vital gifts in Wills are to us, read inspiring stories of those we've helped, and get more information about the ways you can support us in your Will.

Writing or amending your Will

It is really important to make and update your Will, as it ensures that you can look after your family and friends after you've gone. Writing a Will gives you control over what happens to your money, possessions and property after your death, and it allows you to support causes close to your heart. 

We recommend using a solicitor to make or change your Will. Using a solicitor ensures that your wishes are correctly followed, and potentially saves your loved ones time and expenses when administering your Will. Use trusted recommendations for a solicitor or contact The Law Society to find a solicitor in your area. You can also use a free Wills service.

"If you’re even contemplating making a Will, then it’s definitely time to make one. All it means is that you’ve got important people in your life that you want to make sure are taken care of."

Photo of blind veteran Simon wearing his service medals
Blind veteran
A photo of an elderly couple laughing while holding a document and using a laptop

Free Wills services

Thinking about writing or amending your Will? We can help.

There are many free Wills services available, but we work in partnership with Bequeathed and the National Free Wills Network to offer a free Will to our beneficiaries, supporters and staff.

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Your checklist for making a Will

Writing a Will might seem a daunting task, but with the right guidance it doesn't have to be a long and gruelling process. Different Will-writing services have different processes, but the things you need to consider are the same. 

See our handy checklist of the key things you need to think about to make the process simple and pain free.

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Top 10 reasons for making a Will

Find out how why it's important to make a Will, and how it can ensure that your loved ones are looked after. 

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