Rehabilitation and training

We have two centres in England and Wales; on the South Coast and in North Wales. Each centre is a place for recreation, training and rehabilitation for blind veterans and their families.

Veteran making a cup of tea

Our rehabilitation officers are professionally qualified specialists who help veterans adjust to sight loss. Many people who have recently lost their vision don't realise that there are simple skills and strategies that will allow them to live more independently. We teach blind veterans these skills, giving them plenty of encouragement and reassurance.

Assessing vision
Many people who are registered as blind still have some useful vision. Our rehabilitation officers assess their vision and, if possible, help them learn how to best use it. Sometimes this means simple changes like better lighting and magnifiers.

Getting around
Using a white cane makes getting around much easier, but it takes training and encouragement from the right teacher. These skills reassure people that they can get around when they need to. Our rehabilitation officers help our blind veterans learn the best routes, whether they're on foot or using public transport.

If you know of a veteran with sight loss

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