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Driving isolated blind veterans to social events

Jacque is a vital lifeline for our isolated blind veterans. She helps them get the social interaction they need by taking them to coffee mornings. 

She drives our veterans to events held by a local blind association a few times a month, where they get to chat to other people with vision impairments. When she’s there, she helps other volunteers to make tea and coffee, serve lunch, and keep the conversation flowing.

A photo showing our volunteer Jacque at The Veterans Cafe in Leyland
Jacque, right, helping out at a coffee morning

In a short space of time, Jacque has improved the quality of life of the veterans she supports. One veteran, who was recently widowed, has especially benefitted from her commitment.

By enabling these veterans to get out of the house, Jacque is helping them to rebuild their self-confidence and self-esteem and avoid social isolation.

Being flexible plays a big part in Jacque’s role, and she enjoys the fact that she can volunteer locally. She also escorts members to hospital appointments, helps them with their shopping, or simply takes them out for a brew and a chat. It means the world to them, and it’s vital to us.

“I think of what happens when you’re losing your sight, such as not being able to walk and catch a bus any more, and how you cope with that. It's about encouraging our veterans to be independent, not just in the house but outside as well.”

Volunteer, on what motivates her to work with blind veterans

Without volunteers like Jacque, our veterans wouldn't be able to live fulfilling, independent lives. Just a few hours a month could make a huge difference to the people who need it most.

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