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Welcome to Blind Veterans UK

Your support is helping blind veterans to rebuild their lives.

Losing your sight can be terrifying. Many blind veterans feel like their lives are over before they join our charity. They're helpless, hopeless and isolated, and think that they have no future.  

As one of our beneficiaries, Chris, says he went from being a "confident solider to not being able to make my own cup of tea".

And that's where Blind Veterans UK comes in. With your support, we are helping blind veterans to live independent, fulfilling lives after sight loss. 

Thanks to you, we can give thousands of veterans the lifelong care, training and support they need to adjust to their vision impairment.

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Your donations at work

Blind veteran Mark using a guide cane to walk down a path in front of Blind Veterans UK centre of wellbeing
A blind veteran pouring a cup of tea, using a liquid level indicator, and a support worker leaning over her shoulder to help.
Photo of blind veteran Janet be trained to use a magnifier

You're helping veterans to rehabilitate.

Your donations will help us to rehabilitate blind veterans and allow them to live fulfilling lives again.

We give ex-Servicemen and women the skills they need to become independent. Whether they're relearning how to make a cup of tea, finding ways to do a hobby they once loved or navigating public transport again, we give veterans bespoke training that suits their individual needs. 

With your support, we can continue to provide the training vision-impaired veterans need to adjust to living with sight loss

Billy's story

You're helping veterans like Billy, whose life fell apart after he lost his sight. He says: “I couldn’t even make myself a cup of coffee. I became an emotional wreck”.

Thanks to donors like you, Billy received the rehabilitation, training and emotional support he needed. He now lives a full life again and works for Blind Veterans UK, supporting our new beneficiaries. He says: “Discovering the charity really saved me”.

Watch the video to hear how we helped Billy to turn his life around. 

You’re changing lives with technology.

Accessible technology can open up a whole new world for vision-impaired veterans. From being able to read their own post again to keeping in touch with loved ones, it allows our beneficiaries to regain their independence and privacy and, crucially, combat loneliness and isolation. 

With your support, our expert staff can train veterans on specially adapted devices that allow them to perform basic, everyday tasks that many of us take for granted. 

Thanks to donors like you, our beneficiaries of all generations are ordering their shopping and medication online, using internet banking, reading newspapers and video calling their families

When blind veteran Rob lost his sight in his early 20s, he feared his life was over. But we trained him on an accessible smartphone, which, he says, allowed him to be “part of society” again.


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"I could get back on social media and start being part of society and what it is to be a normal young man. Because, at 23, I'd thought, that’s it."

Blind veteran, on being trained to use a smartphone

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