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Surviving the Arctic Convoys

In this three-part Remembrance podcast special, WWII veteran Alec Penstone, who lost his sight in later life, shares his fascinating wartime experiences with our Military Lead, Tim Eckersley. 

Tracking down the enemy as a London teen

Read the transcript for Part 1

Saving lives at sea in a force 15 hurricane

Read the transcript for Part 2

D-Day, the KGB and a very special wedding

Read the transcript for Part 3
Alec is wearing a navy blazer, beret, medals, and looks into the camera proudly
Blind veteran Alec proudly displays his medals
"Remembrance means so very much to me... It means so much that people were willing to give up their lives for our country. I don't know why I was spared. I'm just so lucky to still be alive."
Alec Penstone, blind veteran

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