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Welcome to Blind Veterans UK

Our Head of Centre Lesley welcomes you to our new Rustington Centre

Click to play - Our Head of Centre Lesley welcomes you to our new Rustington Centre, as part of the short video, there are a few clips showing the surrounding seaside views of the centre.

Our Head of Centre Lesley welcomes you to our new Rustington Centre, as part of the short video, there are a few clips showing the surrounding seaside views of the centre.

Rustington centre of wellbeing

The Rustington centre is a purpose-built facility that provides wellbeing support and rehabilitation to blind veterans, rebuilding lives after sight loss. The Rustington centre will start to open in September 2023 where we will continue our work to help veterans achieve independence, health, and happiness.

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Becoming a part of the Blind Veterans UK family, is more than taking a new job. Our staff no matter the job are playing a key role changing the lives of blind veterans forever.

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Areas at our centres

Learn more about the areas you can support blind veterans at our centre.

Health and Wellbeing

Our Health & Wellbeing service is made up of a wide range of disciplines who work together to ensure our blind veterans receive the high standards of care and support they need when they stay at our centre.

The Health & Wellbeing service consists of rehabilitation specialists such as Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Officers for the visually impaired and physical/outdoor specialists who will work with our blind veterans to consider how their sight loss or physical ability impact on living the life they choose.

This service also includes our health specialists such as our Nurses and Health Care Support workers who ensure that our permanent residents and those staying with us on respite receive exceptional levels of care and are able to enjoy the centre experience regardless of whether they need additional support to do so. This service is responsible for the delivery of our wellbeing programme and specialist holidays which run throughout the year.

Hospitality & Administration

Our Hospitality & Administration team are made up of a number of different roles but they will always be the first person a blind veteran will encounter when they arrive at our Centre of Excellence. They support our veterans from booking their stay, to being welcomed and orientated to the building and are the first point of contact for information and advice during our their stay.

This team works across every team in the centre ensuring that the building is secure and veterans are supported to get the most out of their stay and that staff are aware of any situations which may arise.

Housekeeping & Facilities

Our Housekeeping and Facilities team ensure that our centre remains in the best possible shape and provides our blind veterans with the high standards of service they have come to enjoy whilst staying with us. This department works with all teams within the centre to deliver an exceptional service to our blind veterans and also play a pivotal role in preparing for our many high profile events throughout the year such as Remembrance day and visits from various dignitaries.

Events & Engagement

We actively seek out opportunities for partnerships, cooperation and collaboration within the local community and recognise this as being key to our success in establishing our presence within the Rustington area.

We believe that these partnerships support the charity to integrate within the local area and enhances the offer we are able to make to our veterans. This team is responsible for creating those opportunities, forming partnerships and delivering those opportunities to our blind veterans. This team also has a responsibility to increase the awareness of the charity, raising our profile to attract new blind veterans or those who wish to donate or volunteer for the organisation.

Leadership & Management

We believe that exceptional service starts with exceptional leadership. Our team of leaders and managers ensure that our staff are supported to thrive within their role and explore opportunities to develop themselves and their service throughout their career. They provide direction, are transparent in their reasoning and empowering to those they support, ensuring that the centre operates as one cohesive team to deliver a high quality service to our blind veterans.


As a national charity supporting veterans from across the whole of the country, our transport team are the back bone in supporting our blind veterans to get to where they need to be. From visiting our centre, to various trips during their stay, our transport drivers are on hand to ensure that they are supported with the highest standard of care and comfort.

Not just restricted to behind the wheel, our drivers also support our veterans during these trips and work with all the teams within the centre to ensure that we are able to deliver the high quality service our blind veterans deserve.

Job opportunities

See all our current vacancies at our centre to find the right role for you.

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Our recruitment process at Rustington

Please take a look at our vacancies if you are interested in joining our new Rustington Team.

If you apply and are shortlisted, we will contact you in the first instance, so that we can find out a little more about your experience and expertise. As part of our selection process, we will be looking to hold face-to-face interviews, likely in Rustington, in July.

For some specific roles we may ask you to undertake an assessment related to the vacancy you have applied for. More information will be provided during the process.

We are looking to start welcoming colleagues in to our Rustington team towards the end of August 2023.

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We offer enhanced occupational sick pay, and maternity, paternity and adoption pay.

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Professional and personal development

Enjoy continued learning and development opportunities and comprehensive training. 

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"I love being part of the Blind Veterans UK family, it's great to feel part of something bigger, knowing I am making a difference to each veteran I meet."
Blind Veterans UK Centre team member

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