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Armed Forces Month 2025

Commemorate and celebrate our forces past and present.

Head shot image of blind veteran Rob Long in uniform along side the words 'Do it for veterans'.

June is a significant month for our blind veterans and the wider military community.

The 6 June marks the anniversary of the Normandy Landings - better known as  D-Day - an historic operation that saw the Allied Forces mount the largest seaborne invasion in history, resulting in the liberation of France and ultimately changing the course of the Second World War. We are proud to have supported many D-Day veterans across the decades.

The 14 June is the anniversary of the end of the Falklands War - the first military action since the Second World War that utilised all elements of the Armed Forces and left some of those involved in need of our support.

Coming to a close with National Reserves Day (25 June) and National Armed Forces Day (28 June)  - there's no better time than the month of June to honour and celebrate the sacrifices and dedication of our forces past and present and their families while raising vital funds to support our blind veterans.  

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Terry's story

Having joined the Royal Navy in 1960, Terry was in the Falklands on board HMS Antrim on 21 May 1982, when four Argentine Skyhawk fighter-bombers passed over the ship, dropping a pattern of eight 1,000 lb bombs. He was hit by a cannon shell. The nurse on duty remembers Terry as incredibly stoic as her team battled - but failed - to save his sight.

Terry said: “When you first lose your sight it’s like being taken back into infancy; you can’t get around." By Autumn 1982, Terry had found our charity and had begun his rehabilitation, learning to type, read and write Braille, and use a long cane. 

He said: "The camaraderie together with the encouragement and support from Blind Veterans UK kept me positive and I found I was able to achieve more each day."

Terry has gone on to have an impressive career, including working as a museum information officer, a social worker and a lecturer.

Blind veteran Terry wearing a navy jacket, tie, and medals

Commemorate and celebrate with us!

If you or your organisation are looking for ways to commemorate and celebrate key dates in the military calendar, while also raising vital funds to support brave veterans like Terry, why not take a look at the following ideas. We will provide resources and support to help make your activity a success.

  • Plan a war memorial walk.
  • Organise a military themed dinner.
  • Mark 43 years since the end of the Falklands War and cover 43km. Take part in a local marathon (43km = 26.7miles) or work together to run or walk the distance during the month of June.  
  • Organise a collection - approach your local place of worship, supermarket or local authority for a street collection.
Group of walkers, some in Blind Veterans UK T-shirts, some in military themed costumes, gathered in front of Llandudno War Memorial.
  • Plan a street party, afternoon tea or break room Brew Up and raise a glass (or mug) to toast our forces.
  • Organise a 1940’s themed Dress Up or Tea Dance.
  • Hold a quiz night at your local pub.
  • Go a step further - quite literally! Sign up for a challenge or organise your own and start fundraising as a show of support.
What ever you decide to do - don't forget to let us know!

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