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Chris was injured in a rocket attack in Afghanistan. 

He suffered multiple skull fractures and brain injuries, and the damage to his eyes left him blind. 

He went from being a young man at the height of his career, with a wife and a new baby to care for, to being unable to make himself a cup of tea. 

Watch the video below to hear Chris talk about his injuries and how a simple gadget helped him to regain his independence. 

A liquid-level indicator helped to turn his life around

In this short video, Chris attaches a liquid level indictor, a small yellow device, on the rim of a mug and then pours boiling water into the mug. When the boiling water reaches the liquid level indictor, its sensors trigger a beeping noise to tell Chris to stop pouring.

"It was a rocket attack in Afghanistan that hit the wall that I was leaning against."
A profile photo of Chris, a blind veteran
Blind veteran

A fresh start 

Chris discovered Blind Veterans UK and we gave him the rehabilitation, training and support he needed to regain his independence. From teaching him how to cook for his wife and three children, to training him on a long cane so he can get out and about, we gave Chris the skills he needed to fully participate in family life again. 

He now works as a professional photographer and helps other blind veterans to overcome their struggles. 

Blind veteran Chris crossing a the road at a zebra crossing using a white cane.
Blind veteran Chris out walking using a white cane
A photo of blind veteran Chris during his time in service
During his time in service
A head shot of blind veteran Chris, a healed scar is showing along his brow line, highlighting an injury he received during his time in service.
Chris after being injured in a rocket attack
"That's what really gets to you – losing your independence and not being able to do simple things like making your own cup of tea."
A profile photo of Chris, a blind veteran
Blind veteran

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