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Fundraising tips

Try our top tips to make your fundraising event a success and maximise your donations.

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Promote your event 🎉

Tell everyone about your event – family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else who will listen! Post your event on social media, and contact your local newspaper and radio station about your story.

  • Set up an online fundraising page. Include the link in your social media posts and add it to your email, text and WhatsApp signatures.
  • Send regular reminders and updates on your training or preparation to family and friends so they have plenty of chances to donate.
  • Tell Blind Veterans UK about your event, send us the link to your fundraising page and like us on our social media and we’ll promote it for you as well.

Ask for sponsorship instead of gifts on special occasions 🎁

Use special events like Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries to ask people to donate instead of buying you a present. Choose the right time to ask for money – for example, wait till after payday when people are feeling flush.

Ask your employer to donate 🏢

Ask your employer if they’ll make a contribution or even match the funds you raise. Some companies have volunteer hours schemes, so ask if your colleagues can take time off to help you raise money.

Ask if you can promote your event on your company’s intranet or include a link to your fundraising page in your work email signature.

Set up collection boxes 🗳️

Ask if you can place collection boxes around your local area, in the post office, shops, pubs etc.

Tell people about the great work we do at Blind Veterans UK 💖

People are more likely to donate if they know they are giving to a worthy cause. Blind Veterans UK helps ex-Servicemen and women rebuild their lives after sight loss. We provide vision-impaired veterans with life-changing support and services that aren’t available elsewhere. Without your help, we couldn’t do what we do. Read more about what we do for veterans here.

Did you know? An average of 20% of donations come in after fundraising events have ended. Keep posting updates online and sending sponsorship requests after you’ve completed your event to maximise your total.
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