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At Blind Veterans UK we are a military family, supporting thousands of ex-Servicemen and women for life.

We are here for our veterans when they need us, but we could not help them without the support of our extended military family.

We need you to fundraise for us so that no blind veteran has to face sight loss alone.

Raising money for us gives you the chance to connect to former and current veterans, and the wider military community. And it helps us provide life-changing services and equipment to thousands of vision-impaired veterans.

Are you ready to take on a sponsored run, climb the Three Peaks or tackle a 30-day boot camp challenge? Help us to help vision-impaired veterans by giving them the support they need to regain their independence.

Try out these activities with your military group

Take on a challenge event

Sign up, start training, and push yourself to the limit with our sponsored events. 

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Soldier's blindfolded fundraising challenge

When serving soldier Nephi Attree decided to take on a fundraising trial, he wanted to do it blindfolded in honour of vision-impaired veterans.

Nephi, who is from Essex, wore a blindfold for 48 hours. He completed a 5K run, a 30-minute lane swim and a climbing session, and raised hundreds of pounds for our charity.

Nephi, who is an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, said:

“When I found out about Blind Veterans UK and the way that they literally transform lives, it was an easy decision to support them. The cause really stuck with me.
"I’m interested to gain a new perspective on the challenges that the vision impaired experience on a daily basis."
Charity supporter Nephi, running blindfolded, holding a piece of rope connected to his guide, who runs slightly ahead of him.
Blindfolded Nephi Attree, right, with his guide during his fundraising challenge

More fundraising ideas

  • Walk, hike or run – set up a route, get sponsorship and ask a local café or pub to lay on some grub at the end.
  • Marathon – you don't have to go the 26.2 miles. Organise an aerobics, dancing or any other kind of marathon event. Ask people to pay an entry fee and see if local businesses will sponsor it or provide refreshments. 
  • Football – organise a five-a-side tournament or hold a sweepstake on a big match's results.
  • Penalty shoot-out – talk to your local team about donating some signed kit and charge players a small entry fee to beat the goalie.
  • Swimming – set yourself a distance target and get people to sponsor you per length.
  • Dog walking – offer your services as a dog walker in exchange for donations. 

"Blind Veterans UK have been absolutely magnificent. They’ve given me all sorts of gadgets which mean I can stay independent at home. Simple things like a magnifier so I can use the little sight I still have to read the post."

Blind veteran
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You can help us to turn blind veterans' lives around

We believe that no one who served their country should face sight loss alone

Many thousands

of blind veterans across the UK still need our support

Icon of a blind veteran walking with a cane

doorstep deliveries of emergency food and medication were made by our staff and volunteers in the past year

Icon of an emergency package indicating both food and medication
184 online social groups were run by our staff in 2020/21, so our veterans could stay connected and combat isolation
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